May 28, 2023

For the love of The Children Ride Along 2 Gets A Poster


It was critically one of the most hated films 2014 but loved by fans Ride Along 2 this January will be driving into a cinema near you and today we get the film’s first poster. Ahead of it’s official trailer release this Thursday we’re teased that unlikely pairing Ice Cube and Kevin Hart will deliver more laughter than rolling tumbleweed.

We won’t deny box office wise Ride Along delivered the goods  roughly $160 million ((£140 million) but when you make the film for $25 million (£19 million), you can see why. However  the humour still felt limited to a limited audience so Ride Along we’ve been promised a more multicultural cast and more action too. Personally it’s a better writer who can deliver better jokes i what this film franchise really needs

Ride Along 2 doesn’t have an official plot yet though that will be revealed on Thursday when the trailer arrives, but looking at the poster somewhere nice and Hot. Will Ride Along  2 deliver the goods? For fans of the first film probably yes, but for the rest of us you have a better chance of Adam Sandler winning an Oscar for best actor and film than this been generally loved by everyone.

Ride Along 2 will arrive in UK&Irish cinemas from 22nd January 2016 (USA 15th January) starring Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Tika Sumpter, Benjamin Bratt, Ken Jeong, Olivia Munn.


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