First Images Of Black Panther From Captain America: Civil War

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black panther

As a ‘Civil War’ breaks out in Berlin for Captain America:Civil War films , we get our first glimpses of the new  characters of MCU and Black Panther. When it comes to who’s who of MCU Captain America: Civil War is a perfect introduction however to see Chadwick Boseman in his full glory think again, this is a first glimpse of his stunt double in the Panther’s uniform.

The images show Black Panther, The Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) and Captain America all seem to be in a scene of some sorts. What the scene is about we don’t know at this stage, nor do we know if the three are fighting against each other or all the same team. <*possible spoiler*>There is gossip that T’Challa will refuse to take sides but has an issue with The Winter Soldier and that will possibly be the basis when his solo film appears in Summer 2018. When you look at some previous looks at other characters (especially Doom  in that Fantastic Four film)from comic book film genre, what we can see it’s faithful to origins.

It seems exciting times ahead as Marvel Cinema Universe is slowly  coming together, it’s early days  a lot of work to be done when Captain America: Civil War Part 1 arrives 29th April 2016 (6th May USA) arrives. We’re curious to see how the Russo Brothers handle a crowded plotline and if you thought Avengers: Age Of Ultron was packed, wait to you see this one! Black Panther is due for 6th July 2018  release.

source: Screenrant