Alejandro Jodorowsky Endless Poetry Launches Indiegogo Campaign

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He is the master of Avant Garde Film movement,cult classics such as El Topo, Santa Sangre , The Holy Mountain  and now Alejandro Jodorowsky needs our help.

After an intense pre-production start of July the production of Endless Poetry (Poesia Sin Fin) was started. The film follows Alejandro Jodorowsky’s own young adulthood, set in the 1940s and 50s, in the electric capital city of Santiago, as he sets out to become a poet.

Four weeks into the shoot and Alejandro’s vision has already taken form in some of the most poetic, aesthetic and enthralling images we’ve learned to expect from the legendary cult-filmmaker… But now is the time to start preparing for the 7-month Post-Production phase, scheduled to begin this September in Paris, France. “Endless Poetry” calls out to the world community in order to raise enough funds to be able to finish what may be Alejandro Jodorowsky’s last legacy to auteur cinema : “Endless Poetry”.

As next month approaches Jodorowsky needs our help in gaining more funds for the post production, $150,000 (£105,000) to be precise. An campaign has been set up at Indiegogo which has already helped with previous funding but with this been the auteur’s last film should see his fans come to the rescue.

ENDLESS POETRY portrays Alejandro Jodorowsky’s own young adulthood, set in the 1940s and 50s, in the electric capital city of Santiago. There, against all odds, he decides to become a poet and is introduced, by destiny, into the foremost bohemian and artistic circle of the time. He meets Enrique Lihn, Stella Diaz Varín, Hugo Marín, Nicanor Parra… all young, promising and unknown Chilean artists who would later become the titans of modern literature.

Main Cast includes Adan and Brontis Jodorowsky as well as Jeremias Herskovits, opera soprano singer Pamela Flores, world-renowned American choreographer Carolyn Carlson, Syrian Nobel Prize nominee poet Adonis and Japanese performer Kaori Ito; all shot through the lens of acclaimed cinematographer Christopher Doyle (aka Du Ke Feng), known for “In the Mood for Love”, “2046”, “Chungking Express”, “Lady in the Water”, “Hero”, “The Limits of Control” and countless other visual masterpieces.

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