The Sublime Style in Game of Thrones


Series five of Game of Thrones has kept us all glued to our screens for a million reasons –not least its killer style. From fierce battlegear to Medieval-inspired regal gowns to skin-baring robes, the costumes are to die for.

In fact, the costumes in Game of Thrones are one of the aspects of the TV series that have most consistently won major professional awards. Costume designer Michele Clapton’s work has been nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Costumes for a Series for all of the first four TV seasons – an incredible success for the massive task of developing styles worn by characters across such different countries and continents.
Here are some of our style highlights from the most epic show on TV…

1. Daenerys’ divine dresses

While everyone’s favourite khaleesi was becoming the fierce queen she is today, she began her journey of sacking cities and freeing slaves in bright blue dresses worn over slim-fitting trousers. Once established as ruler of the newly free city of Meereen, her style evolved into more ethereal, Grecian-inspired gowns. Game of Thrones costume designer Michelle Clapton has said that the desert cities and their style are inspired by clothing from the Middle East and Persia – a look that Daenerys suits perfectly.

2. Cersei’s killer costumes

While Cersei’s Medieval-inspired queenly style has changed and developed through the seasons so far, its evolution has been more subtle than that of the Mother of Dragons, with no dramatic changes in colour or cut. In general, her colours are bright and bold, with lots of jewel-inspired colours such as golds, ruby reds and sapphire blues. Often, her gowns are cut in a wrapped style and accessorised with chunky metal belts, wide sleeves lined in contrasting colours, and beautiful embroidery.

3. The stunning style of the Sand Snakes

When the Kingdom of Dorne appeared on our screens for the first time in season five, it was a Spanish-inspired feast for the eyes. From the stunning location to the gorgeous outfits, the Dornish looks is all about vivid colours and earthy fabrics. The Sand Snakes look like they’re dressed to kill, in leather harnesses, belts, cuffs and enough bare flesh exposed to catch their enemies off guard. Their leader and mother Ellaria represents this feminine warrior style perfectly, from the horned shoulder pads on her floor-length dresses, to the gold serpent bracelet she wears on her wrist.

4. Brienne of Tarth’s fierce battle gear

A fan favourite and a fierce warrior, Brienne wears her suit of armour with serious panache. In full metal plate, she dresses herself like a man as she grapples easily with the best swordsmen of the Seven Kingdoms. But a huge amount went into creating the subtle design and overall style of her armour – in fact, Michelle Clapton said it was one of her favourite things to do because it “gives craftspeople a chance to experiment.”

In a vast creative world, where the viewer has to keep up with changing locales, families, and loyalties, the costumes can do as much as the writing to keep everyone clued in and reinforce the plot. Our hats (and helmets, and crowns) are off the the show’s creative team!

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