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RWBY [rating=5]

In the fantastical world of Remnant, mankind is plagued by supernatural beings known as the Creatures of Grimm. All that stands between humanity and evil domination are defenders known as ‘Hunters’ or ‘Huntresses’, who use magical powers to protect the people of Remnant.

Among these defenders are four young girls – Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang – who band as the awesome team RWBY (pronounced ‘ruby’). Each using their own special ability and weapon, they train alongside other gangs to become super-powered Huntresses in the fight against darkness!

I’ll do my best to keep this review spoiler free.
on first watching RWBY — the first one or two episodes.. I was a little disappointed at the animation. It seemed like in-game graphics rather than a 2013 anime.
Going into the third episode, I was starting to enjoy it. The characters are brilliantly crafted and the story line is well crafted too.
I ended up not only enjoying it but also looking forward to watching it on a daily basis.
After getting over the animation-shock I found it refreshing and they honestly have it done that way on purpose adding a little bit of humour and colour to the show.

So lets get down to honouring this with some stars.

In RWBY the story was captivating to say the least,
there’s a bit of something in there for everyone, and not only that, unlike some recent releases there isn’t any fan service that I’ve noticed.
Basing the story around stopping some thieves and wanting to become a hunter or huntress to protect the people rather than to harm them. All in all, a full star.

The characters are an odd bunch, but a good mix and they really have group tension too of putting people who have opposing personalities and forcing them to be in a group.
There are group spats which I found myself getting into.
Another star for the characters.

RWBY isn’t just group dynamics and drama though.
The general plot is based on them in an academy which encourages them to fight to their best potential. Swords, axes, scythes, that turn into guns, and there are shields there too with a small bit of magic on the side. The fighting scenes are brilliantly done especially in conjunction with them not being too over-powerful.
Another star for fighting.

Now we come to animation.
As I have said before RWBY’s animation is one that grows on you.
It is a refreshing style since most new releases are crisp clear and colorful, an almost infallible animation style, however RWBY goes for a different tack, a very different tack.
I would originally give this a half, however, it fits the plot, it fits the characters, and it fits the overall tone of the series. So all in all another full star.

Finally extras, where most anime titles start falling down.
However, with a delightful surprise, we get a lot of extras and features.
Not only do we get the choice of watching it as one full movie, or as individual episodes.
We get a commentary, a look at the trailers for RWBY, and we also get to see interviews with people who cosplay inspired by RWBY. Fan Art, and even a behind the scenes too.
So another star for Extras.

Adding it all up RWBY gets a full 5 stars, which is surprising for an American produced anime. Yes, I said it American. Rooster Teeth did an amazing job of honouring anime.
RWBY is set to release by Animatsu on the 29th of July