Fantastic Four Trailer Ala 1990’s Roger Corman Style


So do you think next week’s Josh Trank’s forthcoming Fantastic Four was the first reboot of FF? Think Again back in 1994 a version of Fantastic Four was created by schlock master Roger Corman a film that didn’t even make the big or small screen. A film that was made in 25 days for a $1 million budget because the rights holder Constantin Films where in the danger loosing the rights. However those with an internet eagle eye there is bootleg versions of the film online and an upcoming documentary called Doomed! The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four in the pipeline too.

So instead of the darker edged comic book films many studioss are aiming for what if Superhero movies like Fantastic Four if they had day-glo VHS insanity? We imagine a better world in with New York Times Vulture and their “Vulture Remix” like we did back in April with Avengers: Age of Ultron video they made if they where released in 1995.

The other question is, what Thing looks better Roger Corman‘s or Josh Trank‘s? Fantastic Four is released 6th August, a big thanks to Jessica Chan for sending us this video.