Bleach 16 Part 1

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Bleach 16 Part 1 [rating=4]

The Lost Agent

A year has passed since Ichigo lost his soul reaping powers and resumed the life of a normal teenager. But those ordinary days come to an end when Ichigo meets a mysterious man named Kugo Ginjo, who offers to help him get his Soul Reaper powers back – and gives him only a day to decide! Ichigo is dead set against it, until Uryu is injured by an unknown attacker. Powerless to help, Ichigo turns to Ginjo and is introduced to the group Xcution, which Ichigo must fight if he ever hopes to get strong again!

Now coming into the sad final stretch of Bleach Anime; Series 16 is going to be the very last series to grace our eyes. A sad sad time indeed.
Bleach series 16 part 1 covers episodes 343-354 and it is all Canon (That is to say following the Manga) As we kick it off we don’t see much of any of the captains, or even much of the soul society, as we follow Ichigo who has lost his powers he can no longer see any Soul Reapers.

Now without giving anything away; Ichigo gains slightly different powers, he still no longer has anything to do with the Soul Society, and an enemy has arisen that is also not a Soul Reaper (That we know of.) Ichigo on first offer of new powers declines and after his friends start getting hurt he has a change of mind.
Surprisingly enough he picks up his new abilities fast, just as he did with Bankai if not faster.

Onto the awarding of the stars.
Now if we are to read previous reviews by myself.
Straight off the bat we have a full star for Animation, and there is no change to that.
Another usual for Bleach is the extras; poor. We get one extra and that is a textless closing theme. No stars for that.

Now the characters and plot development are very good, we get to see new characters, refreshing from constantly seeing the Captains gets a bit dry, but I did miss them at times.
Full star for characters, and full star for plot development, although I can’t really see how they can finish up in only one disc, I can tell it probably won’t be a clear tied up ending, but then again I find that a lot of Anime don’t have satisfying endings.. but maybe that is just me not wanting them to end.

The fighting I’d fully endorse a full star.
It is all still refreshing to not constantly see the same fighting styles just as it’s refreshing to see new characters. The fighting is as it always has been; epic.

All in all it’s a four star review.
Bleach 16 Part 1 is due for release on the 20th July
Bleach 16 Part 2 is due for release on the 4th September
So go and get your copy today now.