Bleach 15 Part 2

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bleach_series15Bleach 15 Part 2 [rating=4]

Bleach 15 Part 2 Invading Armies Part 2

The fight against the artificial Reigai rages and the situation is looking bad. The Soul Reapers’ group in the human world has lost contact with the Captains who stayed in the Soul Society. Nozomi reveals her true nature to her friends, and throws herself in the battle, convinced that her Zanpakuto can compete with the power of Kageroza! Meanwhile, Ichigo’s powers are still declining

In this exciting conclusion to the invading armies title we come to see Ichigo both lose his power and regain it several times. This filler arc is much better than other fillers in the series. Not only does it start off on the right foot but it also ends bringing it back for the canon picking up where it was supposed to in the anime.

We see a few sides to our beloved captains which we don’t usually see in the anime.
Fantastic ending too. This is, without a doubt the best filler I’ve come across so far, and I’ve stuck around for every season. We don’t get to see much of Kenpachi, or some of the other captains but the plot does come to a nice end at the end of the season.

As for a full rating.
If you’ve read any of my previous reviews on bleach there’s an automatic two stars for fighting and animation. The fighting especially in this arc is excellent.
Along with the animation that even though they’ve changed the animation style it still fits.

The plot and character development I’m going to give full stars to also.
Considering this is filler it is both excellent. They came a long way since the arc of the bounts to really pull it together for this arc. It started well and it ended well.

As for Extras, we do know that Bleach doesn’t come with much extras which is always disappointing on the discs. We get a trailer — which is not it’s usual but still, it’s only the one. We also get Opening and Closing themes. I would be generous if I gave this a half star so I’m going to leave it as no stars for extras.

All in All we get a total of 4 stars.

Bleach 15 part 2 comes out 29th June

And I shall be eagerly awaiting for the final season to come out July 20th.
Something that I will be sad when it does end, but don’t forget, the manga goes further.