Win One Piece Collection 10 On DVD

one-piece-collection10-DVDA new setting, a new adventure! It’s a crisis for Luffy and his now not so merry men, as – horrors – they’re told their ship is no longer seaworthy! This Monday 15th June 2015  One Piece Collection 10 on DVD  hits the stores courtesy of Manga Entertainment.With shocking rifts in the crew, trusted allies jumping ship, a new enemy who’s a cyborg strongman, and an angry city calling for their heads, can the hapless Hats ever catch a break?

Hoping to save their beloved boat, the Straw Hats drop anchor at the shipbuilding city of Water 7, but the prognosis for the Going Merry proves far worse than expected. That’s not all: Robin mysteriously vanishes, the Franky Family robs the crew blind, and Usopp goes rogue after a shocking battle with Luffy! Then the gang finds themselves accused of an assassination attempt – and hunted by the entire city! Luffy and his remaining mates hatch a plan to prove their innocence, but a sinister gang of cutthroat killers stays ahead of their every move. Dark secrets and tragic pasts are revealed as Luffy and Zoro fall to a formidable foe; Chopper faces a life and death situation; and a monstrous storm threatens to sink the city!

Thanks to our friends at Manga Entertainment we have a copy of One Piece Collection 10 on DVD to give away, to win a copy please answer the following question…

Q.Luffy’s gang are called what in One Piece?


Deadline is  Sunday 28th June 2015 (23:59pm),If you haven’t done already Like us and stay with us at our Facebook page (if you are already liking us just share this post on twitter and facebook). Must be 12 or older to enter.

1.The competition is not opened to employees, family, friends of The Peoples Movies,Manga Entertainment  2.12years or older to enter 3.Failure to include any information required to enter could result in your entry been void.  4.automated entries are not allowed and will be disqualified, which could result you been banned, DO NOT INCLUDE telephone numbers as for security reason your entry will be deleted.5.If you are friend or like us at facebook for every competition you enter you get double entry, but you must stay friend/like us all the time,or future entries maybe considered one entry if you are liking us share the post on facebook and re-tweet the post.6.The Peoples Movies, Cinehouse takes no responsibility for delayed, lost, stolen prizes 7.Prizes may take from days to a few months for delivery which is out of our control so please do not complain 8.The winning entries will be picked at random and contacted by email for postal details and will be announced via facebook, sometimes we are unable to confirm winners. Uk & Irish entries only

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