Fun and games with stars of Paper Towns



Author John Green has a lot of pulling power after last year’s incredibly successful adaptation of his novel, The Fault in Our Stars, which starred YA star of the moment, Shailene Woodley. The team behind the latest Green adaptation, Paper Towns will surely be hoping his name, alongside British model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne’s, will have the audiences rushing in once more. Paper Towns, however, has a much more different tone than that of the tear-jerking The Fault in Our Stars, and sees teens firstly seek out revenge, and then follow a quirky treasure hunt to find their missing friend.

Synopsis The story centres on Quentin (Nat Wolff) and his enigmatic neighbour Margo (Delevingne), who loved mysteries so much she became one. After taking him on an all-night adventure through their hometown, Margo suddenly disappears–leaving behind cryptic clues for Quentin to decipher. The search leads Quentin and his quick-witted friends on an exhilarating adventure that is equal parts hilarious and moving. Ultimately, to track down Margo, Quentin must find a deeper understanding of true friendship–and true love.

To highlight that Paper Towns is a lot more fun and playful, two videos have been released showing the lead actors asking each other questions about the film, and playing a game of ‘either/or’.




Paper Towns is released in UK cinemas on 17th August and you can view the trailer here.