Zac Efron DJ’s In We Are Your Friends UK Trailer

We Are Your Friends

He danced at school broke teen girls hearts, he even set up insane frat boy parties but now Zac Efron is your DJ time to find your groove in We Are Your Friends.The much anticipated directorial debut from MTV’s Catfish co-creator Max Joseph, this is a stylish look the world of electronic music and the Hollywood party scene.

After several years of great films with uber-stylish soundtracks it was only the matter of time a film would be based around EDM (Electronic Dance Music), now we have!

We Are Your Friends sees Efron plays Cole a young aspiring DJ who like many wannabe youngsters 9-5 job in the day but at night spinning the decks. Based in Los Angeles Cole and his ambitious party loving friends coerce together to plot a better future for themselves but Cole has a plan. He believes he has the one track that will set the world on fire on a road of glory despite his dreams he’s still struggling. Step forward older but damaged DJ James (Wes Bentley) who takes Cole under his wing  but as things start to look good for him things get complicated when he falls for James Girlfriend (Emily Ratajkowski). He must make a choice the career he always wanted or destroy his dream and go with Sophie?

This is a film for the MTV new generation, those who love dance music. If your a regular to the party resorts in Mallorca, Ibiza, Rhodes and Zante  this maybe your film anthem for Summer 2015. Either to hype you up for that week in the sun or to let out those memories you made, or simply how our American cousins like to party. Is this music version of Entourage? Joseph has certainly captured the tone of what the target audience ill be expecting, glitzy, glamorous, energetic just what MTV clubber ordered!

We Are Your Friends is been released by Studiocanal in UK arriving on 28th August featuring Jon Bernthal, Jonny Weston, Shiloh Fernandez and Vanessa Lengles.