Weekly Horror Round Up – Saturday 23rd May 2015

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From Guardians Of A Galaxy to Keanu Reeves home invasion Eli ROth style Must mean it’s Bradley Hadcroft’s weekly horror round up of macabre…

 – The Belko Experiment

To provide the filling in his Gaurdians of the Galaxy sandwich director James Gunn(Super)has set the controls for planet horror by writing and producing The Belko Experiment.

He has been releasing casting details all week through his Facebook account citing John C.Mcginley(Scrubs) as confirmed and that the always reliable Melonie Diaz(Fruitvale Station) will be taking her first dive into the genre pool.

The anarchic Greg Mclean will direct the film ahead of channeling his talent into the mini-series developed from his Wolf creek movies.

The action kicks off in South America where a company is sealed of and the employees are instructed to start killing each other or be murdered themselves. Neither Gunn nor Mclean have shied away from extreme violence in the past so this cocktail of Battle Royale and office politics could prove a bloody mix.


 – The Monk Who Fucked A Limousine

This weeks messed up movie title of the week winner comes direct from the Facebook feed of horror genius Brian Yuzna(Society,The Dentist).

Indian director Rupesh Paul(Karmasutra 3D) is showing his outrageously named film this week in Cannes and it’s creating quite a stir.It’s heavily based on the UK gang rape documentary India’s Daughter but with a controversial and unexpected left-field twist.

The flick has secured higher levels of  distribution rights than any other Indian film at the festival(18 territories) and it’s publicity stand is proving a Mecca for selfie taking.



 – Green Room

Jeremy Saulnier(Blue Ruin) continues his colour coded rise to stardom as his Green Room hit Cannes this week.The buzz emanating from the Riviera has been universally positive and the film maker appears to to have survived the sometimes tricky budgetary upgrade with aplomb and produced another modern classic..

The movie starring Imogen Poots(28 days Later)and Patrick Stewart(X-Men) details one Punk bands struggle against a vicious gang of Neo Nazi’s after witnessing a terrible act of violence at an isolated gig.Expect huge thing’s from this movie.

Ian Rattray of legendary London Frightfest fame shared his thoughts direct from Cannes :

From Jeremy Saulnier, (Blue Ruin) GREEN ROOM is a taught savage horror film that takes a familiar sub genre and shakes it up.  A rock band books a show at a neo-Nazi bar and despite their initial reservations the gig goes OK with just a few bottles thrown and insults exchanged. When leaving however they stumble upon a dead body and are forced to barricade themselves in the green room while Patrick Stewart and his thugs try to force entry.  Laced through with some deadpan humour the audience that I saw it with, made up of industry folks that aren’t used to watching such things, audibly gasped and were hiding behind their hands at some of the full on Gore.  Great stuff.

You can watch a very early clip from the film over at Shock till You Drop.

– Mad Max : Fury Road


I was going to recommend a rare chance to go the full Immortan Joe by purchasing this must have skull-respirator from Etsy.However the masks crafted by student Thomas Hughes to cover his college fees sold out in the time it took me to write this article.


He is the red onesie wearing morale booster strapped to the front of the “Doof Wagon” shooting jets of fire from his guitar necks. He is also the most iconic instant cult character that cinema has seen in an age.

Coma-Doof-Warrior is played by Aussie singer Iota who also played a much different kind of band leader in The Great Gatsby.Expect much cosplay madness in the coming weeks.


– The Human Centipede III

News this week that Tom six and his latest banquet of bile have emerged from a potentially cutting encounter with the BBFC completely unscathed.Somewhat surprisingly it was passed unmolested despite revelations in Frightfests Postcards from Cannes it contains “scenes featuring castration, colostomy bags, pickled clitorises and boiling water boarding.


  – Trailer Watch :



Self confessed “fucked up fairy tale” Nina Forever is about a deceased girl who gatecrashes her ex boyfriends new relationship generating much morbid mirth.

Directed by Screen International “Stars of Tomorrow” recipients the Blaine brothers(Bad Education) it stars Fiona O’Shaughnessy(Outcast) and Cian Barry(Hard Times) with effects coordinated by the accomplished Dan Martin(The Wolfman,A Field in England).

The movie was released in cinemas this week in the US.



Bunny the Killer Thing is half man half Rabbit and he is intent on tearing anything that even vaguely resembles female genitalia to shreds.This is bad news for all “cabin fodder”which in this case is a contingent of Finnish youngsters.

Raven Banner acquired the rights for this love letter to the 80’s “man in a monster suit movie” this week.Judging by the jaw dropping NSFW trailer below that was a very brave decision.


The Midnight Swim is a horror thriller from first time feature director Sarah Adina Smith starring Lindsay Burdge from the hotly tipped The Invitation and Aleska Pallandino(Wrong Turn 2).It has an interesting premise and has a respectful festival pedigree.

Twitch carries this synopsis :

When their mother goes missing in Spirit Lake, three half-sisters travel home to settle her affairs. The youngest sister, June, a documentary filmmaker, captures their bittersweet homecoming. But when the sisters jokingly summon a local ghost, their relationship begins to unravel and they find themselves drawn deeper and deeper into the true mystery of the lake.



Eli Roth is so busy right now he can almost afford for cannibal gore-storm The Green Inferno to be rotting on the shelf.As well as acting in the remake of his Cabin Fever movie and directing TV series South of Hell he also has home invasion horror Knock Knock scheduled for a 26th June 2015 UK cinema release.

Keanu Reeves(The Matrix) plays a married man ruthlessly terrorised by a pair of kinky death minxes.The trailer below is defiantly worth a watch if only to witness Reeves over egg the line “Chocolate with sprinkles” to hilarious effect. ( read our sundance review)


DVD release of the week :



-The Premature Burial

Considered to be one of the most harrowing cinematic adaptations of Edgar Allan Poe’s work this grim 1963 shocker retains it’s power to disturb, hence the 15 rating.Directed by the champion of cheap Roger Corman(The Beast With A Million Eyes) it was originally censored by the BBFC to achieve an X certificate in 1962.

Ray Milland(Frogs) stars as a man with a crippling case of taphophobia that’s seriously damaging his relationship with his wife played by Hazel Court( Devil Girl from Mars).He foolishly builds his own crypt designed to thwart any chance of being buried before shuffling off his mortal coil.

King of the B’s Corman shot The Little Shop Of Horrors in just two days and one night but took much more time and care with this adaptation and it still stands up today as a bleak examination of one of mankind’s greatest fears.

This  release comes courtesy of Final Cut Entertainment with no added frills and you can buy it here.

…..Until reality and madness became one !!!

Bradley Hadcroft