VUE Cinemas Deliver A Poltergeist Prank On Patrons

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What Scares You? According to a recent poll, 42% of cinema goers are more scared of clowns than they are of demons, ghosts or zombies.

On the evening of May 19th, unsuspecting Vue cinema-goers witnessed paranormal activity during a preview screening of Poltergeist. To mark the launch of new horror film Poltergeist, Vue cinema-goers were subjected to some paranormal goings on in the bathroom during a preview screening of the film, the full story can be seen here:

Neuroscientist Patrick Fagan has analysed the behaviour, which is known as the startle response: “When we are confronted with a sudden, unexpected, abrasive stimulus, our ‘reptilian’ brains react instantly and unavoidably with a particular set of actions: we shut our eyes to protect them, we hunch our chin and shoulders to protect the jugular.”

Poltergeist is a tale about a family whose suburban home is haunted by evil forces. The Bowen Family (parents played by Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt) and when the terrifying apparitions escalate their attacks and hold the youngest daughter (Kennedi Clements) captive, the family must come together to rescue her before she disappears forever.

When it comes to a true cinematic experience those artistic minds at Vue Cinemas know how to deliver and regulars here at The Peoples Movies have saw what they have done.

Poltergeist arrives in UK cinemas this Friday 22nd May co-starring Jared Harris, Jane Adams, Saxon Sharbino.