Viva Las Vegas! A Vegas Movie Travel Guide (Infographic)


It was made famous by Elvis, became the fun haven slot machine enthusiasts , a place to get hitched quickly but Las Vegas is  also treasure chest  of movie locations. Amongst the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas it’s become a dream location for Hollywood’s movie makers..

The bright lights,late nights lady luck. It is all glitz, glamour and gambling. Its hotels, hospitality and honeymoon suites have been carved out of the uncompromising Nevada desert, whose brooding presence envelops the city.

Vegas Slots Online have mapped favourite film strips onto the Strip: our infographic travel guide shows you exactly where Sin City became cinematic city. Ladies and gentlemen, our infographic tour of Vegas movie locations will start shortly, so please take your seats and enjoy the Vegas Movie Travel Guide….



If your going to gamble do it in fun, sensible manner
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