Til Death Do Us Apart In New Hannibal Season 3 Trailer


Marriage isn’t perfect but neither is that bloody cliffhanger we we’re left with on the Season 2 finale, the pain is eased as we have a new trailer for Hannibal Season 3 .

The new teaser  may not unveil who lived who didn’t but Hannibal has a bride meet Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier (Gillian Anderson) and off course her husband our resident killer (Mads Mikklesen).

Behind every great man there is a great woman and in this teaser the focus is on the relationship between Hannibal and Du Maurier.This trailer may help ease the pain of the long wait Fannibals have had to suffer (Season 2 ended May 2014) however the promo reminds us Season 3 is very close.

The style that help make this tv series so popular is on show however thing look more grander with our protagonists indulging in those luxury surroundings perversely operatic.If you study the new season’s promotion (including the images) there is clues on who maybe in the season, some we believe still have plenty to offer in future seasons of Hannibal. What we can say is The Hobbit’s Richard Armitage will be joining the cast as the ‘Tooth Fairy’ Francis Dolarhyde last seen in Michael Mann‘s Red Dragon. The episode(s) he will appear in will play on the killer’s obsession with William Blake’s series of Great Red Dragon paintings, with one episode taking a look back in time. As for how much into the mythology created by Thomas Harris novels nothing is known, but what we’ve seen so far we’ve adored.

Hannibal has a ‘Summer release’ for UK with US premiere been June 4th, we do expect that premiere to be shortly after that on Sky Living.