The Craft To Be ‘Crafted’ Into A Remake

The Craft To Be ‘Crafted’ Into A Remake

When it comes to what films next in line to be remade, rebooted no film is safe, even those Cult films like The Craft which is now in line for a remake.

There isn’t a day now that a film is been lined up to be remade and according to THR who are reporting the 1996 cult Young Adult horror is been lined up by Sony  for that makeover.

If you where a teen of the 1990s  it was essential viewing, a coming of age teen angst film of  witches which starred Robin Tunney Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell and Rachel True. They where  all students at catholic girls school who became fascinated in witchcraft dabbled in the dark arts to fix personal issues. But like all good films things that look good never stay good and they start to realise they are handling something too dangerous for them. The film spawned a whole generation of girls fashion style  many of them coping what the main cast wore. But it was also the excellent soundtrack with The Smiths song How Soon Is Now by Alt Rockers Love Spit Love encaptured a wider audience.

Leigh Janiak who wrote and directed (debut) they excellent Honeymoon is been lined up to direct The Craft remake with her co-writer of Honeymoon Phil Grazadei scripting. Andrew Fleming was the original  The Craft director however his producer Doug Wick will be onboard in some capacity to help out and hopefully keep some homage of the 1996 film.

It’s great news to finally see a female director get a chance come onboard a Hollywood project at a higher level, plus The Craft is an female-centric project. Janiak hopefully bring that dark, edgy feel to the new version like she had in Honeymoon possibly moving slightly away from camp-esque feel possibly going more horror. You do sometimes feel this may go more Pretty Little Liars, hopefully not, she is an young filmmaker hopefully capture the feel in a better way.

So own up how many of you had ‘binding’ images of your nemesis when you where a teen? Did with friends say “light as a feather, stiff as a board”?. So before you say Twilight was the first horror themed coming of age film think again, The Craft was before it!

So are we treading on eggshell and shaky ground with this or you happy 20 years on a modern version is in the works?

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