New clip for Cameron Crowe’s ‘Aloha’ flies in

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The first trailer for Cameron Crowe’s, Aloha, released in February, featured on all-star cast in beautiful Hawaii. Famed for his old-fashioned take on romance, his irony-free films have always found a good reception, from Jerry Maguire to Almost Famous. Judging from the latest clip from the film, featuring Bradley Cooper and Rachel McAdams discussing their previous relationship, Aloha seems to continue the romantic trend.

Synopis – A down-on-his-luck military contractor (Cooper) who is given the opportunity to return to the site of his greatest career triumphs in Hawaii.  While he goes in hope of professional redemption, he also seeks closure with a long-ago love (McAdams) and must deal with unexpected feelings for his partner on the project, a promising young Air Force pilot (Emma Stone).

As undeniably watchable as Crowe’s films are, some of them seem to venture a bit too far into the middle of the road. With a good-looking cast, gazing longingly at each other, it’s sometimes difficult to engage with his characters. Hopefully with the charismatic Emma Stone playing a major role, alongside scene stealers Alec Baldwin and Bill Murray, this time things could be different.

Aloha also stars John Krasinski and Jay Baruchel, and will be released in UK cinemas on 4th September.