Netflix Picks 1st May 2015

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Even though a long weekend is always cause to celebrate, the British Bank Holiday weather is usually not. Never fear, we have a selection of Netflix Picks to see you through the weekend, come rain or shine.


His Girl Friday


His Girl Friday is famed for its fast-talking, rat-a-tat dialogue, and is the first film to have people talking over each other. Hildy is about to give up journalism in sake of marrying the boring Bruce, however on her final trip to the newspaper offices her editor, and ex-husband Walter convince her to stay to cover a story that’s too good too miss. With Walter out to win Hildy back, and no-nonsense Hildy uncovering more about the story than she could ever imagine, her last day on the job certainly isn’t running smoothly. A classic screwball comedy featuring top-notch performances from Rosalind Russell and Cary GrantHis Girl Friday is a whip-smart, fast-paced joy.


Iron Sky


Iron Sky is  brilliantly bonkers and perfect to watch on a night with an abundance of popcorn and alcohol. In the final days of World War II, Nazis evaded capture by flying to the dark side of the moon. Fast forward 70 years where they have constructed a giant fortress, and plan to return to power in 2018. Unfortunately, an American astronaut lands a bit too close to the secret base and forces the “Moon-Führer” to speed up their invasion. Iron Sky has some amazing characters, including the mad-scientist that creates a formula to turn black people into blue-eyed, blonde-haired Caucasians, and an American president that bears a passing resemblance to one Sarah Palin.


Wreck-it Ralph


As with most of the best animations, Wreck-it Ralph appeals to both adults and children. Set in the world of video arcade games, villain Ralph is fed-up of being the bad guy, and longs to be a hero, setting out to find a new game to achieve his dream. Unfortunately though, his quest through the arcade creates havoc and puts some of the friends he’s found along the way into jeopardy. Whilst Wreck-it Ralph is a funny and charming story about a man trying to do good, the real joy is the sheer mileage the filmmakers get out of the millions of video game references. Even if you are a casual gamer, and familiar with Pac-Man, Sonic, and Mario, you will be sure to get some of the in-jokes, including a very funny bad guy support group.




What happens when a superhero lives the life of a rock star and does more damage than good? That is the question Hancock poses, with the usually charming and charismatic Will Smith playing against type as the surly superhero. Co-written by Vincent Ngo and Breaking Bad creator Vince GilliganHancock is as smart and witty as one would expect, with a refreshingly alternative take on the superhero genre. Smith is joined by Jason Bateman, and Charlize Theron to make this blockbuster an all-star affair, which even bizarrely boasts Eddie Marsan as it’s villain. A lot of fun, and perfect if you are suffering from superhero fatigue.