Last Samurai Helmer Ed Zwick To Direct Jack Reacher Sequel?

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It’s been common knowledge that a Jack Reacher sequel was on the cards but without Christopher McQuarrie director however the film may have it’s director Ed Zwick.

Deadline are report The Last Samurai director Ed Zwick is in talks to take over from McQuarrie with his regular co-writing buddy Marshall Herskovitz scripting. It will be based around an original draft written by Richard Wenk (The Equalizer). Zwick and Herskovitz have written several films including The Last Samurai, Love And Other Drugs, but it’s a busy time for Herskovitz too with a certain Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation. Cruise has a habit working with each of his film’s director’s several times with McQuarrie in Rogue Nation, Doug Liman Edge of Tomorrow and 1980’s drug thriller Mena (set for 2017) with Jack Reacher 2 looking like a 2017 release.

Around the time the original film was released it was announced then the sequel was in the works and it would be based Lee Child‘s 18th novel ‘Never Go Back‘. The story sees Reacher going back to old stomping ground at his old military  base to tak ean old female friend to dinner. But when he arrives the woman in question  has been arrested  who also just happens to be the commanding officer too. After giving one man a good thrashing Jack Reacher  finds himself with a charged and father to a woman’s child with no clue of both things. Que Reacher fighting to clear his name, old grudges, conspiracy theories raising there ugly heads sounds like an average day in the life of Jack Reacher!

The original film  was more of an success outside USA picking up nearly $220 million on a $60 million budget which is enough greenlight for the sequel.