Frodo Baggins Versus The Zombie Kids In First Cooties Trailer!!!


Elijah Wood doesn’t seem to have learned his lesson when it comes to schools (The Faculty), maybe in the horror comedy Cooties might do the trick?! In the long awaited first trailer Frodo Baggins finds himself battling zombie kids thanks to popular tea time kids meal

The premise crazy but also brilliant concept which makes this film so appealing that been adult may work in your favour or will it?!

Cooties follows the story of 2 Elementary teachers (Wood and Rainn Wilson)whose day at work turns into their worst nightmare when a foodborne virus (chicken nuggets) turns the young students fleshing eating zombies. The band of misfits surviving teachers group together in order to survive regret the day they entered the profession.

It’s silly, it looks funny , plenty meta jokes and if your a fan of the horror genre, its a film fans of both sides of the Atlantic have been waiting for a very longtime. Having kids of a prepubescent age the only the carriers is spot on, giving a crowded subgenre a nice spin. Capturing the the early steps of a child’s education and having the adults the survivors highlights the nightmares teachers have to face too

It was thought the film would have appeared at one of the UK horror fests of 2014 but it seems since Lionsgate snapped the film at Sundance 2014 it’s been in the cutting room. It looks  full of energy and has gotten The Peoples Movies HQ excited about Cooties once again.

Cooties also features Alison Pill, Jorge Garcia, Leigh Whannell, Jack McBrayer and Nasim Pedrad, with Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion directing, with Whanell(Saw) and Ian Brennan (Glee) writing the script. The film doesn’t have a UK release date however USA its 18th September which means one will come soon after if not before.