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Kit Harington won legions of fans as the brooding Jon Snow in the hit show Game of Thrones, but between each season he’s managed to begin developing an impressive resume, which hints at a hugely varied and successful future in film to follow. To celebrate the release of Testament of Youth, out now  on digital platforms,Blu-ray and DVD from today 25th May 2015, courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment, we look back on some of his best roles (so far)!

Testament of Youth (2014)

This stunning adaptation of Vera Brittain’s memoir stars Harington alongside Alicia Vikander in the lead, with additional support from Emily Watson, Dominic West and Colin Morgan. Brittain was the first to document war from a woman’s point of view and, in so doing, changed the way a generation regarded itself and its actions. With everything to live for, she falls in love with her brother’s close friend Roland Leighton (Harington) as they go to University to pursue their literary dreams. But the First World War is looming and as the boys leave for the front Vera realises she cannot sit idly by as her peers fight for their country, so volunteers as a nurse. Both Vikander and Harington bring a wonderful playfulness to their initial courtship (with brilliant comedic support from Joanna Scanlan as their chaperone), and as the war separates them, evolve this chemistry into something utterly moving.

Spooks: The Greater Good (2015)

This thriller based on the hit TV show has already generated a huge amount of buzz, not least thanks to Harington’s top billing. The drama focuses on Will Holloway (Harington) who is forced to team up with disgraced MI5 Chief Harry Pearce (Peter Firth) when a terrorist escapes custody during a routine handover, in a race against time to track him down before an imminent terrorist attack on London. It also features a host of wildly talented British actresses, including Jennifer Ehle, Tuppence Middleton and Lara Pulver.

Game of Thrones (2011-2015)

This adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire medieval fantasy novels about power struggles among the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros has become one of the most successful TV series of the last decade, thanks in no small part to a fantastic cast which includes Kit Harington, Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Emilia Clarke and Natalie Dormer. Harington plays Jon Snow, the bastard child of Ned Stark (Sean Bean) – leader of the Knight’s Watch, and responsible for guarding The Wall against Wildlings, White Walkers and worse…

Seventh Son (2014)

Harington stars alongside Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges, Alicia Vikander and Ben Barnes in this fantasy adventure. John Gregory (Bridges), who is a seventh son of a seventh son and also the local spook, has protected his country from witches, ghouls and all manner of evil for years. However John is desperately seeking an apprentice to carry on his legacy, and his last hope is a young farmer’s son named Thomas Ward (Barnes). Tom is forced to undergo the most vigorous training, and in the process, finds himself up against the most dangerous witch in the country, Mother Malkin (Moore) in the fight of his life. Harington takes a supporting role as Tom’s ally and fellow apprentice, Billy.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

Dreamworks’ follow-up to its 2010 hit animation boasts a stellar voice cast, which includes Harington alongside Cate Blanchett, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, Jonah Hill, Kristen Wiig and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Set five years since the first film, when Toothless and Hiccup successfully united the Vikings and dragons of the island of Berk, the best friends are now enjoying themselves mapping unchartered territories and exploring new places. However, on one of their adventures they come across a secret ice cave home to a whole host of wild dragons and the Dragon Rider, and inadvertently find themselves fighting for peace once again.

Pompeii (2014)

Kit Harington takes the lead in this historical action drama, starring alongside Emily Browning, Carrie-Anne Moss and Jared Harris. Harington plays Milo, a former slave who is now a renowned gladiator, and who finds himself racing against time to save the object of his affection, Cassia (Browning), the daughter of a merchant who has been forced into an arranged engagement to a corrupt Roman Senator. As Mount Vesuvius erupts around them, Milo is forced to battle his way out of the arena in order to save Cassia, while the once magnificent Pompeii is destroyed around him.

Testament of Youth is available on digital platforms and on Blu-ray , DVD from today 25th May 2015, courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

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