What Would You Do With The Money Zach? Watch Masterminds UK Trailer


What would you do with $17 million dollars? Even 0.1% of that the average man or woman would struggle but Zach Galifianakis has a plan as Jared Hess Masterminds releases a UK Trailer.

This long awaited heist action comedy  that sees 4 unlikely characters pull off one of Americas biggest heists in history, it even has Buzz from Home Alone…Seriously!

Formerly named Loomis Fargo , in Masterminds the story revolves around David (Galifianakis) an armoured car driver like us all dissatisfied with his job. To liberate himself from the monotonous daily life he gets a chance to be involved in the biggest heist of American history largely thanks to flirty work mate Kelly (Kristen Wiig) who lures him in. However as things as they pull off the heist David realises that he is merely only a scapegoat for the other 3 with all trails leading to him to Mexico where he has the loot.

Masterminds is based around true events that happened in 1997 and originally planned for Jim Carey in the lead role. When you know another actor was planned for the role you sometimes try to picture them in your head in that role and I have to admit Galifinakis does look the better choice. The film has all the traits the Hangover star to be his usual eccentric self in many guises, Carey would have done it too.

This looks ridiculously silly a film that Saturday Night Live could pull off, ironically many SNL members are in the cast with Kate McKinnion along with Galifinakis , Wiig with Emily Spivey writing the original script and Lorne Michaels producing. This will also mark Hess second film set for 2015 release with Don Verdean been released a film we reviewed at Sundance this year, a critical mess however there’s a lot more positive buzz on Masterminds.

Masterminds arrives in UK,Irish, USA cinemas from 7th August c0-starring Jason Sudekis, Owen Wilson, Dan Marino, Mary Elizabeth Ellis and yes Buzz aka Devin Ratray.