Weekly Horror Round up – Saturday 25th April 2015

From Remakes to Classic Ghoul’s Bradley Hadcroft Enlighten’s the brethren to the goings on in his fantastic weekly Horror round up, over to you Bradley!

– The Entity

The studio remake machine rumbled ominously on this week with news that producer Ron Lee,the man behind the upcoming remakes of Poltergeist and IT,will produce a remake of 80’s shocker The Entity.According to Den of Geek James Wan(Saw) is involved along with Chad and Carey Hayes(The Conjuring) scripting.

The original film was a word of mouth home video classic about a campaign of supernatural rape perpetrated on Barbara Hershey(Black Swan,Insidious 2) and investigated by Ron Silver(Timecop,Silkwood).




– Imagine Film Festival 2015

This Amsterdam based festival reached it’s 31st birthday this week and celebrated by awarding it’s top prize to Hungarian quirk-a-thon Liza the Fox Fairy.The craziness centers around a deceased Japanese pop star and the curse he places on a love lorn nurse turning her into a literal femme fatale complete with the tag line  – “The suitors only rival is death.”The movie also features a couple having sex on a space hopper – oh…NOW you’re interested !

The audience ratings from this festival are always of interest and provide both a unique barometer of public opinion on a grass roots level and a seal of approval regarding quality. Turbo Kid  took second place in the poll as it’s star continues to rise but it was Alex Garland’s genre picture Ex Machina that came in first.It Follows added fuel to its hype machine engine with a 8.38 out of 10 as the highest placed purist horror film.


– Rick Baker auction

The waves of want crashed through the horror community this week with the news that the most special of effects artists Rick Baker(The Exorcist,The Howling,Maleficent) was to sell off his life’s work in a reserve free auction.The genius of the man is well documented in a career that embodies all that is superior about practical effects work – the pinnacle of which being the werewolf transformation in American Werewolf In London.

Now there is absolutely no excuse not to own a Gremlin biker vest or indeed a statue of a flying monkey.

You can check out the catalogue here and try not to drool too much.



A second clip from the Schwartzenegger fronted zombie drama appeared this week featuring Abigail Breslin(Zombieland) on the turn.The first reviews are beginning to surface on line and the general word is positive.



– Frankenstein

The Bernard Rose(Candyman) directed take on the Frankenstein legend we featured here last week won the Golden Raven at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.With it comes a distribution deal from Alchemy.



– The Nightmare

Rodney Ascher’s sleep disorder documentary unveiled its simple but effective poster this week on Badass Digest along with a revealing interview.The film features recreations of the horrific condition known as predormital paralysis including shadow-men(see above), spectral cats, sudden spiders and menacing spirits – none of which are on anybody’s bucket list. [read our review from our sister site]




Trailer Watch :


The trailer for Spanish horror Sweet Home dropped this week with a gory splash and a startlingly brutal and kinetic affair it is too.The crazed axe murderer angle marks a welcome change of direction for distributors Filmax as they take time out to stop flogging the Spanish [Rec] horse.

Horrorpedia describes the plot thus :

A couple decide to spend a romantic evening on a floor of a semi-abandoned building. During the evening they discover that a hooded murderer is the only tenant left in the building and they have become the killer’s next target….





– Helen Keller Vs Nightwolves

Easily winning title of the week this horror comedy brings a trailer that is almost as funny as it is tasteless.Directed by Ross Paterson(FDR American Badass!) and featuring everyone’s favourite Landlady Lin Shaye (Kingpin , Insidious) the flick also carries the tag line of this or most probably any other week : “She’s a natural born Keller.”






– Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s World

From iconic microphone stands (Korn) to arrest inducing album covers(Dead Kennedys) and of course  Xenomorphic endoparasitoid’s(Alien) Hans Rudolf Giger was both a magnet and a sponge in terms of popular culture.

This year Belinda Sallin bring us a documentary dealing with the Swiss auteurs final years.Expect crossovers with both Rodney Ascher’s sleep paralysis documentary Nightmares(Giger conceived the Alien design during night terrors) and the classy Jodorowsky’s Dune,a project he was heavily involved with.

Den of Geek! carries this synopsis :

Dark Star brings viewers into Giger’s mysterious realm: from the first skull he was given by his father at the age of six, to macabre dinner parties with his close-knit team, to the grisly souvenirs from his time spent on the Alien set and reminiscences about model Li Tobler, Giger’s one-time muse, whose suicide reverberates throughout his work.



thr visit

 – The Visit

M. Night Shyamalan’s career has taken a downward spiral like no other.Surely the directorial degeneration must end some time soon ?Well the trailer for his latest effort staggered blinking sheepishly into the lime-light this week prompting one cruel soul to post this in the comment section of Deadline :   “I see dead box office.


 – Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War of the Underworld

One man film industry Takashi Miike muscled his way onto the Cannes 2015 schedule this week, by way of a special screening ,with the latest of his breathlessly produced movies.Vampires, Japanese mobsters and rocket powered frogs make for some vintage Miike madness.Look out for the hurricane of violence that is Yuyan Ruhain(The Raid 2) ahead of his rumored appearance in The Force Awakens.


 – Infini 

It’s been a while since we had a decent Sci -Fi horror movie so lets forgive the high readings on the cliche scanner for this lively trailer as the 3rd Hemsworth makes his bid for mega stardom.



Blu – ray release of the week



This is the first time this Boris Karloff (The Raven , The Ghost in The Invisible Bikini) picture has been presented in High definition thanks to Network.It is also the first British horror film to feature sound as well as the first first one to earn the H( horrific ) rating eliminating the under 16’s from it’s audience.In addition The Ghoul marks the debut of utter legend Ralph Richardson(Rollerball , Time Bandits , Watership Down).To dub this movie as seminal would be a gross understatement.

Unbelievably this 1933 production was Karloff’s 90th film.


  • Feature commentary by horror experts Kim Newman and Stephen Jones
  • Extensive image galleries
  • Commemorative booklet by Stephen Jones

You can buy it here.

I will come back……to KILL !!!!

Bradley Hadcroft



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