Vin Diesel Is Bewitched In First Trailer For The Last Witch Hunter

‘The Last Witch Hunter

Flaming Swords at the ready as Vin Diesel  exchanges the gear stick of a fast cars to pick the sword of a slayer, behold the first trailer for The Last Witch Hunter.

With the recent upsurge in popularity of Fast&Furious franchise many wish was immortal but we know the end is getting nigh, but will immortality as a hunter of witches give Diesel another franchise option?

Outside the franchise he has made his name Diesel hasn’t had the best of times but will  The Last Witch Hunter deliver even some of the success? Whatever it will do Vin Diesel just looks he’s playing another vin diesel!

In The Last Witch Hunter Kaulder (Diesel) a warrior plagued with immortality after defeating the Witch Queen. He now finds himself in modern day New York the last remaining Witch Hunter fighting witches and the now resurrected Queen who wants to destroy the human race using a plague.

This essentially looks like Riddick with a sword which isn’t a negative comment. It won’t win in originality but we do like an film we leave our brains at the box office and has some nice imagery too. Michael Caine gives this film some credibility playing Kaulder’s senior church member connection with  Elijah Wood as the young naive priest . It’s a film directed by Brett Eisner who made The Crazies remake, which wasn’t as bad as some critics made it out to be.

The Last Witch Hunter arrives in UK cinemas from 6th November co-starring Rose Leslie, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, and Julie Engelbrecht.

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