Short Sunday Theatre – How To Make A Nightmare

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How to Make a Nightmare

Ever Wondered where Nightmare are made? In the latest Short Sunday Theatre short film How To Make A Nightmare those nightmares where they come from will be revealed!

Noah Haust‘s fantasy short those nightmares are created by strange monsters in underground labs but when one of those lab monsters falls in love chaos follows!

This great little short film is essentially all about the monsters inside us all. Life is a complicated process these monsters control and unleash the obsessions, madness, our regrets even our dreams. Haust himself has said the film is based around “every idea, theory, and feeling from film school and channeled it into ten minutes of crazy“. The film has a dark tone and he uses several different film making styles (especially stop motion) that give the film and farcical feel.

The world How To Make A Nightmare might be one veiled in mystery, but just remember these monsters have feelings too!

source: Film Shortage