Seth Rollins cashes in his Money In The Bank Briefcase during Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns match to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion pinning Reigns.


Seth Rollins saw an opportunity to cash in his briefcase on the Grandest Stage of them all Wrestlemania.

It was a set up from the word go, The Authority in my view wanted him to look bad against The Apex Predator Randy Orton so then he can redeem himself by getting the title.

Taking a line of the mouth of John Cena “Things are not handed to you on a plat, you have to earn it, and with that comes respect” or another one he had said about the championship was “Put up or Shut Up” on the 9th January 2014.

This is what Seth Rollins has to do, if he wants to be seen as a champion wearing that belt, I don’t think he is ready, Reigns is ready you could tell it by just looking into his eyes.

It was a great match between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, both men put 110% into this match, Seth Rollins just ruined it for me when he came running down that ramp.

With Roman Reigns taking three F’5 and at least five German supplex’s, I don’t think he would be able to compete after the punishment his body has tock but Roman was still able to spear Brock Lesnar.


RATING: [rating=4]

The Undertaker defeats Bray Wyatt

wwe-wrestlemania-31-undertaker-wyattBray Wyatt wants to become the demon of the Underworld so he challenged The Undertaker to a match at Wrestlemania, to try and knock of The Undertaker and take his spot.

In his first appearance on WWE programming since losing to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30, The Undertaker got back to his winning ways on the grandest stage of them all by knocking off Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 31 to put his reign up to 22-01.

Wyatt then proceeded to pound ‘Taker down before setting up for Sister Abigail. However, The Undertaker countered out and hit a massive Tombstone Pile driver for the victory.
The WrestleMania account captured Undertaker’s legendary entrance with an extremely fired-up crowd, When the Deadman’s 21-0 undefeated streak came to a shocking end last year, and many wondered if it marked the end of his storied career. The answer was an emphatic “NO” when Taker accepted Wyatt’s challenge of a clash at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California.
With Taker’s victory, there is reason to wonder if a match against Sting at WrestleMania 32 in Arlington, Texas, could be in the cards. It would certainly make sense for The Undertaker to go out in his home state, and there is no doubt that a match with “The Icon “Sting is a dream contest for many wrestling fans that watch the WWE.

RATING: ★★★1/2

The Rock and UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Rhonda Rousey confronted The Authority.
Rhonda Rousey is undefeated in her UFC Career, I would love to see Stephanie McMahon/Triple H vs The Rock/Rhonda Rousey match in this lifetime!


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The night: Historic.
The moment: Electric.
The Rock, Ronda &the WWE Universe: Magic.
We’re just gettin’ started… On the – 9:34 PM – 30 Mar 2015


John Cena Defeats Rusev to become New United States Champion.

wwe-wrestlemania31-Rusev-CenaUSA vs Russia or CeNation vs The Destroyer this was a match I was waiting to see with Lana still in Rusev’s shadow after what happened that past Monday on Raw, you could feel it in your bones something good was going to happen.
With both superstars bringing a video package into the match, Cena’s about what America means to him and Rusev’s about what Russia means to him.

Rusev’s undefeated streak and United States Championship reign came to an end at the hands of John Cena at WrestleMania 31.

The finish saw Rusev locked in the STF. As he was about to reach the ropes, Cena broke the hold and began approaching Lana, who was standing on the apron. Rusev went to clothesline Cena, but Cena moved and Rusev hit Lana. Cena then hit the Attitude Adjustment for the victory.

Following victories over the likes of Jack Swagger, Big Show, Mark Henry and Sheamus, Rusev looked to be an unstoppable force. Cena has made a career out of overcoming the odds, though, and he did so once again on the biggest and grandest stage of them all.

Rusev made Cena pass out in the Accolade after hitting him with a low blow, but that loss only motivated Cena even more to beat the Russian sympathizer and bring the United States title back to America.

Cena and Rusev traded the upper hand on several occasions during the build toward their match, and despite Cena’s long track record of success, Rusev was defiant on most occasions.

While Cena’s legacy is cemented and doesn’t necessarily need to be bolstered more than it already has been, WWE understandably likes to give its poster boy big victories at WrestleMania.

Having Cena take down the evil foreigner and claim the United States Championship in the name of his country was a cool moment that has clearly been in the making since the Royal Rumble Pay per View.

RATING: [rating=4]

AJ Lee & Paige defeat The Bella Twins

wwe-wrestlemania31-divasIf I was being honest about this match I was unimpressed with this match, in my history of watching matches I thought their wasn’t enough build up to it. For example take a classic LITA vs TRISH match. From their matches I think WWE should be really looking closely at the Women’s Division and doing something about it before it’s too late.

For me the reason that I was unimpressed with this match, is the diva’s looked like they didn’t look like they wanted to be there, and was not putting a bit of effort into this match. I am trying to find something positive to say about this match, but I can’t and in the wake of AJ Lee leaving the WWE after four years, It would appear even she has hanged up her boots and called it quits.

RATING: [rating=2]

Triple H defeats Sting

-wwe-wrestlemania-31-sting-hhhIn a moment that was 30 years in the making, Sting made his long-awaited WWE in-ring debut Sunday night at WrestleMania 31, but it was spoiled by a victorious Triple H.

The match featured a return of WWE’s DX, Shawn Michaels and WCW’s nWo, Triple H used a sledgehammer, which was eventually broken in half by it being used so many times over the years.

Sting had long been viewed as the biggest star to never compete in WWE, but that is no longer the case, as The Vigilante has finally filled in the biggest hole on his Hall of Fame resume. As Stephanie McMahon put it on the go-home episode of Raw, The Icon finally reached “the big time” at WrestleMania, according to WWE Universe when he showed up at Survivor Series

The Stinger originally appeared in WWE at Survivor Series 2014 when he helped John Cena’s team take down Triple H and The Authority. Although The Game returned to power soon after, his issues with Sting persisted.

Sting foiled The King of Kings on multiple occasions, and it ultimately led to a match between them on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

Triple H came out on the losing end every step of the way during the build toward their WrestleMania encounter, and the expectation was that the same would happen in the match itself.

Rather than giving the 56-year-old Superstar his WrestleMania moment, by having The Game get his revenge which in all fairness I knew that was going to happen, let’s face it Sting is another name to add to Triple H’s names that he has defeated.

One of the biggest arguments in favor of Sting winning was the notion that The Icon and The Undertaker could potentially do battle at WrestleMania 32 in Arlington, Texas. Sting losing doesn’t necessarily mean that the match won’t happen, but it definitely creates a little more doubt in the minds of the WWE universe

Due to the fact that Triple H will, in all likelihood, continue to have a presence on WWE programming, perhaps having him go over was a smart move. It has been quite some time since The Game last scored a big victory, and beating a legend like Sting should give him even more stroke and credibility in the position that he is in.

RATING: ★★★1/2

Randy Orton defeats Seth Rollins

wwe-wrestlemania-31-rollins-ortonAwesome match, from the word GO! Randy Orton wanted to tear Seth Rollins apart after a curb-stomp tock months out of his career. Seth didn’t know what he had let himself in for, because Orton was too unpredictable at any given point in this match and they don’t call him the apex predator for nothing.

Seth Rollins cost Randy Orton four months of his career, but The Viper got the last laugh Sunday at WrestleMania 31 as he defeated Mr. Money in the Bank.

The tension between Orton and Rollins dates back several months to when they were both members of The Authority. Rollins took Orton out with a curb stomp on the steel stairs, which led to a lengthy absence.

The Viper finally got his wish at WrestleMania as he locked horns with his rival in a one-on-one contest. Although it may not have been as highly touted as some of the other matches on the card, it featured two excellent in-ring workers and a compelling story. Also, with Orton acting as the accomplished veteran and Rollins playing the role of cocky up-and-comer, there was a great dynamic between the two of them.

Orton was ultimately able to get his revenge for what Rollins did to him in November, and while it can be argued that the victory would have benefited Rollins more, he can certainly bounce back from it. Rollins still has a lottery ticket that nearly assures he will become WWE World Heavyweight champion, and that means he can afford to take a loss to the viper Randy Orton.

The match between Orton and Rollins was more about the performance of the match rather than the result, and both opponents impressed on the big stage, but if I am being brutally honest Rollins just doesn’t do it for me, his in ring skill is good but he is like a younger version of Randy Orton except Randy was ten times better.
RATING: [rating=4]

Daniel Bryan won The Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match, to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

wwe-wrestlemania31-ladder-matchCLASSIC MATCH! Worth the watch, with the classic favourites of Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan you just knew something brilliant was going to happen. As JBL said and I quote “Last year ended with the best, and this year its starts with the best” in reference to Daniel Bryan.

In fact, WrestleMania 31 began the way WrestleMania 30 ended—with Bryan standing triumphant, championship in hand.

It wasn’t just WWE celebrating Bryan’s win, though, as his status as one of the most recognizable faces in the company

It was a guess as to where this match would pop up on Sunday’s card. The propensity for high-risk maneuvers and crowd derailment if Levi’s Stadium’ favorite contestant didn’t win made it quite the riddle.

Of course, high-flying antics were the name of the game from the jump. Luke Harper splashed every contestant sitting on the outside. Later, Bad News Barrett suplexed Stardust off the top of a ladder.

As for Ziggler, his options seem endless as a fan favorite who will continue to rebel against The Authority and pursue individual titles. He pinned Bryan a few times in the buildup to Sunday’s ladder match, so the writing of a potential feud there is already there in the making.

Daniel Bryan joins the greats such as Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon in Intercontinental championship ladder-match history with his triumph at WrestleMania 31

RATING: [rating=4]

Big Show won the second annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Sunday, Big Show forever carved out a piece of WrestleMania history by winning the second Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Big Show bulldozed his way through the contestants taking out Ryback and others before a head-to-head encounter with Mizdow.

Mizdow, the fan favorite after quitting his job by eliminating The Miz, put up a fight but couldn’t eliminate the big man who seemingly destined to win and take his place in WWE history.

Ryback had to be considered the early favorite, eliminating The Ascension and Darren Young on his own. He looked ready to eliminate Big Show too, until The Authority corporate Kane stepped in and made the save.
In the end, Big Show got the best of a red-hot Ryback, leaving just he, The Miz and Mizdow in the ring.
Rather than team up on the bigger contestant, a heated conversation caused Mizdow to turn on his boss and eliminate The Miz himself, Mizdow was actually the only superstar in the match other than Curtis Axel, of course to have a storyline building up to and possibly through the match.

Big Show joins Cesaro, who was last year’s winner of the inaugural match by eliminating the giant himself, as a winner.


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