Anime Review -One Piece Collection 9

Anime Review -One Piece Collection 9


One Piece Collection 9 

Episodes 206-229
“When Luffy and his mates drop anchor at the bizarre island of Long Ring Long Land, they’re challenged to a Davy Back Fight by the fast-talking Foxy Pirates! The Straw Hats are no strangers to squabbles, but the sacred code of pirates decrees that this contest could cost Luffy his crew!
Next on the horizon for the Hats, it’s a case of missing memories as everyone but Robin forgets they ever knew each other. Usopp is quick to claim the title of captain, and Zoro does the unthinkable by attacking Luffy! Can Robin recover the crew’s lost recollections before disaster strikes!? She’d better work fast because far greater foes lie ahead, and the Straw Hats will need all hands on deck if they hope to survive the return of Captain Foxy – and the icy arrival of Admiral Aokiji!”

The plot throughout this collection was brilliant and ever changing. In the one collection, consisting of 24 episodes, we see the end of the G-8 Arc (196-206), as well as the entirety of the Long Ring Long Land Arc (207-219), the Oceans’ Dream Arc (220-224) and Foxys’ Return Arc (225-228). As well as the beginning of the Water 7 Arc that will be continued in the future Collection 10 release and looks like its going to be an interesting one.

Having never watched One Piece before now, it was actually very easy to get into. Even though I started on episode 206, it was quick getting to know the Straw Hat crew. There were some interesting new characters that popped up, for example the Foxy crew and their captain. But the most eyebrow lifting of them all, has to be Marine High Admiral Aokiji and his immense power.

The fights, well for the majority of the collection it consisted more of races and competitions between the Straw Hat crew and the Foxy Pirates. That’s not to say there wasn’t any surprising ones. For example, seeing Sanji and Zoro working together. As well as seeing the boxing match between Afro Luffy and Foxy. The last fight on the collection between Luffy and Aokiji will leave you frozen to your seat.
Extras for this collection include; Episode Commentary (211, 215, 218, 229), Text-less Opening & Closing Songs, U.S. Trailer and other Trailers, spread across 4 discs.

Overall a really solid collection. A series I would like to start from the beginning in my own time as the animation looks flawless and the story changes quickly so as to avoid any fillers.

Release Date; 13th April 2015
Distributor; Manga Entertainment



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