Netflix Picks 24th April 2015



Another week gone, another weekend on the horizon. If you’re planning a lazy weekend, or you’re simply searching for something to watch tonight, we have combed Netflix to come up with a top selection for you.


Burning Love


If you’re familiar with American comedy series’ than you may recognise a few faces in this parody of The Bachelor.  Burning Love is an Emmy-nominated web series that was shown in ten minute chunks, but for ease of watching, Netflix have presented the seasons in a big chunk each. Playing with the dating reality shows that are so popular in America, Burning Love is a fantastically funny parody, featuring the cream of the crop of American comedy, and is incredibly watchable.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


One of the best teen films from the 80s, and a million times more fun than The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off will have you grinning all the way through. Ferris Bueller decides to take a day off school ‘sick’ and decides to make the most of it, bringing along his girlfriend, and long-suffering anxious best friend, Cameron, as well as leaving behind a suspicious principal and jealous sister who both want to see his downfall. Matthew Broderick is incredibly likable as Bueller, being the cheeky yet charming teen you wish you could have been (or maybe still are), when let’s face it, the majority of us are still stuck as Cameron.


Frances Ha

frances ha

Noah Baumbach’s latest film While We’re Young is about the middle-aged, middle-class, trying to recapture their youth, whereas his previous film Frances Ha focuses on the struggles of a twentysomething as she prepares for her life ahead. Frances, played by frequent Baumbach collaborator Greta Gerwig, is struggling to find an apartment, can’t find a job as a dancer, but carries on regardless. It’s an utter joy to watch Gerwig as she dances through the beautifully shot streets of New York, and refreshing to see a film where a young woman is down on her luck, but not in her spirit.





Although Disney’s recent live version of this classic tale was charming (if a little saccharine), it could never compare to the original animated version. Forced into a life of servitude by her wicked stepmother, Cinderella dreams of going to the Prince’s ball. her wish is granted by way of her Fairy Godmother with one caveat – the magic will disappear at 12 midnight, and everything will return to normal. Considered to be one of Walt Disney’s best, and most popular, productions, with beautiful animation, memorable songs, and first-rate characters.

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