Meet Karen Page The Intelligence Behind The Justice In New Daredevil Pod

Matt Murdock maybe the ‘Justice’ in Daredevil but every great superhero they need will and intelligence to fight the corruption and Karen Page is that person. In this new featurette we meet Karen Page played by Deborah Ann Woll who will fight that corruption in the police stations, offices of Hell’s Kitchen but her journey hasn’t been a easy one…

Few days ago we brought you a look at our vigilante hero Daredevil and actor Charlie Cox explaining who our hero is all about.As you’ll see from the start of the new featurette Karen Page is an young woman framed for a murder but what the true murderer didn’t take into account is Karen’s determination. A determination that reveals an even bigger conspiracy at play. Whilst Woll talks about her characters journey through out the series we get a few glimpses of new footage.

Daredevil is talk of the town at this moment, every day websites, forums, magazines talk about hoe good the series is and refreshing the direction Marvel have taken too. Some may argue why all these video after the series is out on Netflix? A Simple reason, a lot of fans either where fans of the Marvel Comicbook or came onboard thanks to the hype but sometimes it’s a daunting prospect coming onboard no clue what your going to watch. Reason why these video help ease the pain and up the excitement of watching Daredevil on Netflix.

Will you be watching or already watched all 13 episodes? Are you containing yourself to watch an episode every so often? Are you like WWE Wrestler Ryback constantly saying “feed me more, feed more?”

Daredevil is available now on Netflix.