Let’s Play Pacapong Aka Pacman, Ping Pong And Space Invaders


Love Retro video agames? Where you fortunate enough to be around when video games where in their infancy, if yes you’ll love Pacapong.

Pacapong is a mixture of 3 of the legendary first video and much loved games PacMan, Ping Pong and Space Invaders. How do we play this hybrid game? Both players take turns of firing PacMan across   the screen to rack up many points as possible. To increase your score collect as many of those little dots Pac adores but like his own game the ghosts are there and you can only kill them by getting those power dots. You also have the Space Invaders to deal with too to get them you can actually shoot them!

Believe it or not, Pacapong is a real game! So if your like us up for a little game of Retro arcade mash up you can download your own copy HERE. Before you do check out the video below shows off some