DVD Review – Road To Paloma (2014)

road-to-paloma-DVDJason Momoa has written and produced this film, but he also stars in it as a part- Native American Hawaiian and with a Native American – is Wolf.

His character is Native American, who flees from the authorities after exacting revenge on the gang who brutally attacked and murdered his mother. When he is on the run across the U.S he meets an unlikely ally by the name of Cash, Cash is an itinerant musician and with that they become pals.

Deep secrets will be revealed as Robert Wolf searches to find redemption!

Jason Momoa plays Robert Wolf very well after his stint on The Game of Thrones, Cash and Wolf help each other as they travel across the continents with Wolf putting his new friend Cash into a fight so they could get some quick cash. The two unlikely allies have problems of their own for example Cash has his ex-wife that can’t sell the house they had lived in after he had trashed it in rage.

When they spent the night away from each other, Wolf finds someone that he met at a gas station and they connect on a personal and intimate way. This person is played by Jason Momoa’s Wife Lisa Bonet (Angel Heart, The Cosby Show), where on the other hand we have Cash, who finds a stripper and wastes his money but he solves some of his problems while realising he has some other problems.

This is a story on finding redemption and to clear his name for the wrong that he has done in revenge of his mother, with a few brushes with the law and people watching his back telling federal agents they don’t know his whereabouts. Even Michael Raymond- James who played Neal Cassidy/ Baelfire in ABC’s Once Upon a Time made an appearance in Wolf’s brother in-law.

In a final act of grief and redemption, Cash and Wolf go to the lake to scatter his mother’s ashes, where his mother would have wanted her ashes scattered. His brother in-law Irish dropped them off before returning to his house where the federal agents were waiting for him.

Federal Agents wanted answers and if Irish would not give him answers he would take his wife and look her up and his son Wolf, would go into Social Services. What Will He Do!!

The climax is on a beautiful back-drop where he grieves openly for his mother, for the first time in the movie that we saw but all through the whole movie we feel it, as federal agents close in on Wolf!

Sarah Small

Genre:Thriller Distributor:Anchor Bay UK DVD Release Date: 6th April 2015 (UK) Rating: 15 Director: Jason Momoa Cast: Jason Momoa, Robert Homer Mollohan, Lisa Bonet Buy:Road To Paloma [DVD]