Chaos Runs Amok In New Jurassic World Trailer


It’s been building some monstrous anticipation  18 years has been a long time to wait and now chaos runs amok as the raptors want to feed on you but feast your eyes on new Jurassic World Trailer.

This week many will see Avengers:Age Of Ultron as the start of the Summer Blockbuster season but John Hammond’s park is operational, the animals need feeding…

The summer is on our doorstep but the dinosaurs aren’t behaving as the park opens our doors and that stale bread to feed the animals may not do the trick…

In Jurassic World   John Hammond’s dream of fully functioning themed Park with Dinosaurs been the main attraction. Thanks to the Masrani Global Corporation a park is in place ran by Clare (Bryce Dallas Howard) and when Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) arrives on the island to study the animals hell breaks loose.

You wonder Chris Pratt’s character Owen has been taking Dinosaur whispering lessons as he seems to have  channeling on those nasty raptors. Whilst the new trailer gives a sense that the new film will echo alot of things we loved in the original film you get a feeling now, that period the scientists behind the park have outlived their ‘God Status’. The true danger is these creatures are real, even the babies pose as much danger as their parents! You want bigger you’ll get bigger, just check the 3 posters below when you see a Great White Shark become the hunted

Jurassic World opens for business on June 11th in UK, Ireland (USA 12th June). Co-starring Irrfan Khan, Omar Sy, Nick Robinson, Ty Simpkins, Vincent D’Onofrio, BD Wong, Jake Johnson and Judy Greer.

jurrassic-world-poster-underwater jurassic-world-raptors jurassic-world-jaw

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