Al Pacino is an aging rockstar in Danny Collins trailer

danny collins

There is no doubt that Al Pacino is a good actor, with a Best Actor Oscar (for Scent of a Woman) under his belt, and a further seven nominations, he is considered to be, alongside Robert De Niro, the best of his generation. What a shame then that he hasn’t been in a good film for such a long time. Whilst on the one hand I’m sure Danny Collins is a step-up from his appearance in Jack and Jill, it still feels a bit bizarre to see Pacino as an aging rock star.

Synopsis: Danny Collins is a rock star who can’t give up his hard-living ways.  But when his manager (Christopher Plummer) uncovers a 40-year-old undelivered letter written to him by John Lennon, Danny decides to change course and embarks on a heartfelt journey to rediscover his family and himself.


Danny Collins is inspired by a true story, and features many of John Lennon’s songs in the film. It also has a strong cast, with Annette BeningBobby Cannavale, and Jennifer Garner also starring. All of this seems promising for a stronger Pacino film than we have seen in recent years.

Danny Collins is released in UK cinemas on 29th May.

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