A Parents Nightmare Unfolds In First Trailer For Strangerland


A parents worst nightmare is when a their child dissapears In the first American trailer for tense Australian drama Strangerland, Nicole Kidman Joseph Fiennes the griefing become the scrutinized.

Kim Farrant‘s debut drama made it’s world premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival,a film that could be welcome positive return for Kidman critically after several forgettable films.

Strangerland tells the tale of Catherine ( Kidman) and Matthew (Joseph Fiennes) a couple who have just newly arrived in a small remote desert town with their teenage children. But when their children disappear into the Outback the couple are pushed to breaking point when they are tormented by suspicion.

When it comes to independent films we don’t usually take much notice of a film until the UK promotion starts but we love Strangerland on several levels. The mood of the trailer suggest a gritty, harrowing film, dramatic emotionally that explores the breakdown of the family framework. You do get a slight True Detective vibe to the film with the  ‘southern gothic’ that captures the vastness and remoteness of the Australian Outback and the desperation of grief stricken parents.

What we really loved about this film was it was one of the main highlights of our first trip to Sundance film festival and to top it off we also have a quote on the trailer. Our Writer Andrew McArthur is the writer responsible for the quote highlighting Kidman’s performance as one of highlights of the film,[well done Andrew- editor].

You can read Andrew’s review of Strangerland here.

The film doesn’t have a UK release date not can we confirm it has an UK distributor however Alchemy have picked up the rights to North American distribution. It will get a 10th July cinematic and VOD release. Hugo Weaving, Maddison Brown, Sean Keenan and Benedict Hardie co-star.

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