What Back To The Future Got Right And Wrong (Infographic)

Can you believe it 30 years since Robert Zemeckis unleashed Back To The Future on film fans and now 30 years on we haven’t looked back, the film is still as fresh vibrant most off all still entertaining. four years after first film Back To The Future 2 was released which saw Marty (Michael J Fox) ,Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd). To save Marty’s future son from being arrested, the pair hop in the new famed Delorean and travel 30 years in the future, to 2015.

To celebrate the cult franchise and the fact it’s now 2015 Staysourced have created this fantastic infographic which has a fun look at what they got right and what the got wrong in Back To The Future technology wise……

What Back to the Future Got Right & Wrong About 2015

Source: Staysourced