Weekly Horror Round up – Saturday 28th March 2015


News :


Preacher :
It was revealed this week on Deadline.com that the superb British actor Joseph Gilgun will be joining the cast of AMC’S adaptation of Preacher.The former Emmerdale star has secured the role of the irrepressible drunken Irish vampire Cassidy.

The series is based on the late 90’s cult comic series of the same name from the talented Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, a work lauded for being  fearless and uncompromising.Packed to the brim with wanton sex and horrific violence Preacher engages with the most gruesome of taboo’s head on. If this adaptation is only half as brave as the source material it could be a potentially mind blowing controversy bomb.

Gilgun was consistently charming and moving as Woody in This Is England but he has also shown he can go the full psychopath as the evil Hydell in 2012’s Lockout.The Misfits star is a great addition to a project that is gathering an impressive head of steam.


Beyond Fury : 



Darren Ward revealed that shooting will begin on the final part of his outrageous crime trilogy Beyond Fury on the 18th of April 2015.

Featuring genre legends Barbara Cupisti ( New York Ripper ) and Giovanni Lombardo Radice ( Cannibal Ferox , The Omen ) this revenge thriller is sure to stray heavily into horror territory.

It is set to be a long shoot so in the meantime catch up with the previous installments Sudden Fury and A Day Of Violence and prepare yourself for the approaching brutality.


Mad Max : Fury Road :

The latest T.V. spot literally exploded onto the scene and shows how to blow things up properly.This hit’s cinemas in the U.K. on May 15th 2015.



Kevin Smith :

So far much the maligned director Kevin Smith has only made one stab at horror with the highly underrated Red State. Yesterday  Entertainment Weekly ran a piece detailing the plans the film makers had for the ending if they had possessed a bigger budget.It is brilliantly depicted through the medium of animation and is food for thought as to how far smith may go in terms of his horror ambitions.


Wild Tales :

Released this week  in U.K. cinemas (27th March) this slate black comedy has more than enough horror components to recommend it to horror fans.Reflecting the current vogue for Portmanteau film making it features six highly entertaining stories of revenge. Easily one of the best films of the year it is an intense exploration of desperation and it’s consequences.Every on screen event spirals hilariously out of all control and perspective.It really is beautifully crafted.Go and see it if you possibly can. [read our review ]





Trailer watch :

Coming off the back of an enthusiastic reception from the SXSW film festival crowd here is the gore soaked trailer for 80’s throwback horror movie Deathgasm.


Below is the trailer for the necrophilia fixated Spanish film The Corpse of Anna Fritz.The plot concerns three delightful young men who sneak into a morgue to gawp at the dead body of a recently deceased actress.Morally questionable thrills ensue as they decide they should  have sex with her cadaver.Not much has emerged after it’s recent SXSW premiere but let’s face it the premise alone should act as a divining rod for it’s target audience.

Blu-ray Release of the week :

booget man

This one time “video nasty” has been  given the remastered HD  treatment by 88films.

Presented uncut and uncensored this is an important entry in both slasher lore and the possessed mirror sub-genre.It features an  interesting cameo from John(Shock Waves)Carradine and some nasty effects work from Craig(Bloodeaters)Harris.


Release date : 23rd March 2015


  • Interview with Director Ulli Lommel
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • T.V. Spots
  • 88 Films Trailer Reel
  • Reversible sleeve with alternate American poster Artwork
  • Collector’s Booklet By Calum Waddell ‘IN THE NAME OF LOVE’ Featuring An In Depth Conversation with Scream Queen Suzanna Love

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