Watch The Chilling Trailer For British Drama We Are Monster


Racism is on the rise despite the world getting smaller and smaller every year, In We Are Monster racism doesn’t just exist  on the streets but also the institutions.

After making it’s world premiere at 2014 Edinburgh Film Festival, the film has a UK release date and thanks to Metrodome we have now an official UK trailer, check it out…

We Are Monster is a psychological drama based on the true story of Robert Stewart and his brutal murder of Zahid Mubarek. On 8th February 2000 at Feltham Young Offenders Institute, Stewart, a known violent racist was placed in a cell with Mubarek, a young Asian man due to be released in 6 weeks who had only been convicted of petty theft. Over this six week period, Stewart, with his unbalanced mind and deep seated racist tendencies is allowed, through indifference bordering on institutional culpability, to become the ‘monster’ he always wanted to be. Hours before Mubarek’s release, Stewart murdered him in an unprovoked attack.

It’s a disgusting that many years on nothing has really changed, if anything the world has got worse if you take into consideration what’s being going on in USA. Films like this re sadly more relevant today rather than films to look back and say ‘where we really that bad?’

We Are Monster is set for a limited UK cinema release on 1st May (VOD 4th May) before getting a DVD release on 11th May. The film stars Leeshon Alexander as Robert Stewart also featuring Aymen Hamdouchi (Zero Dark Thirty), in the role of Zahid Mubarek, and Gethin Anthony (Game of Thrones)