Watch new clips for Unfinished Business

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With Unfinished Business arrived in cinemas at the end of the week, we have three new clips from the film to whet your appetite.

Vince Vaughn plays Dan, who, after being sacked by his boss (Sienna Miller) decides to go into business for himself.  The only problem is, he has two employees: one – too young (Dave Franco), and the other – too old (Tom Wilkinson).  Together, they travel to Germany to try to clinch a lucrative business deal, only to met with some familiar faces.

From the footage we have seen so far of the film, it looks like director Ken Scott get’s a lot of mileage out of Vaughn‘s deadpan reactions to his two colleagues, especially the naive Mike played by Franco. It also looks like the brilliant Tom Wilkinson had a lot of fun making this, with a lot of laughs coming from placing him in uncompromising positions.

With a talented cast also including Nick FrostSienna Miller, and James MarsdenUnfinished Business looks like it could be a winning watch. The film is released in UK cinemas on 6th March.