Watch Gavin Robinson’s Bafta Winning Hart’s Desire Short


We’re fans of short films however we’re first to put our hands up we don’t post as many shorts as we should do (apologies to those sent us stuff). We’re recruiting and now hope to cover more fantastic short films on both sites all genres and if there as good as Gavin Robinson’s Hart’s Desire we’re in for a great treat!

We support all filmmaker’s and we’re especially proud of Gavin as he’s local filmmaker to The Peoples Movies HQ and Hart’s Desire was his Edinburgh College of Art Degree film. The film was that good it won him BAFTA in Scotland Award for Animation 2013 provided him a platform to tour the world gain experience share his film at various festivals around the world. Now 2 years on the full film is available online in it’s full glory…

The premise of the film is short and sweet, An aspiring hermit, an aspiring socialite and a shared flask of tea.

Like all great films sometimes it’s best to let the film do the talking , hopefully soon Gavin will share more work online in the near future.