Watch A Fantastic David Fincher Video Essay On His Early Work

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22 plus years ago David Fincher took his first steps into feature films with the much troubled Alien 3 film.But every auteur has their blimp and several years later Se7en,The Game and Fight Club proved we have an master at work in the making. Like many greats we always hear about the middle and the end/present sometimes forgetting there was a beginning with Fincher’s learning curve been in music videos.

In this fantastic  video essay from Raccord Collective part of their  ‘Director Series’ , plunge into the depth’s of David Fincher’s early days as a music director. Analyzing the work he did for Rick Springfield a styling that he would use in his feature films, to his Kubrickian  ‘Star Child’ inspired smoking fetus advert.

This is worth 27 minutes of your time, a great way to study the artistic development and watching David Fincher find his feet developing that aesthetic we all adore.