Unfinished Business Create Cliched Stock Images Plus New Clip

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This Friday Vince Vaughn‘s Unfinished Business arrives in UK cinemas ,with this been all about the business good presentation is a must and these cliched stock images will do the trick.

Whoever had their working head on it was the business one as these stock images and Twentieth Century Pictures have went to the experts in these images iStock by Getty Images to create a these images to promote Unfinished Business.

Check out these examples…

In Unfinished Business after been sacked Dan (vaughn) decides to go into business himself, through hard work he is on the verge of the deal of his life. With his 2 associates (Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco) they must head to Europe to seal the deal however what starts a normal trip undecidedly goes off the rails when Dan bumps into some familiar faces.

In a new clip called ‘Celebrate Apex’ we see the guys party with Dave Franco‘s character having a ‘drink and slap’ drinking game with a Japanese Business man?!

Unfortunately we haven’t been given a chance to let you know how good or bad Unfinished Business is but the early reviews are not positive so it maybe a blessing in disguise! So maybe the quicker True Detective season 2 comes the better for Vince Vaughn the better it will be. Unfinished Business will arrive in UK&Ireland on 6th March co-starring Sienna MillerJames Marsden.