15 April 2024

The Russo Brothers To Direct Avengers: Infinity Wars Movies


To many fans ( and some critics) Captain America: The Winter Soldier is regarded as one of the best comic book movies ever made. With Captain America: Civil War about to be made it looks like Marvel have their new golden boy(s) as it now looks like they’ll direct 2 more, Avengers: Infinity War.

According to Badass Digest The brothers will take over the reigns from Joss Whedon and the end of his tenor as a Marvel film director, though this has not been officially confirmed. It marks Marvel’s attempts to keep the same team of directors, writers together and with both Civil War and Infinity Wars crossing over it’s a logical move. No word on the writers but the gossip does say Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely who are behind all three Captain America films including the next one will probably write the script.

Whilst this maybe great news for fans of MCU the latest gossip could question the Russo Bother’s involvement in a recent Sony Deal of another Ghostbusters film possibly starring Channing Tatum.If this news is 100% confirmed it won’t stop the other Ghostbusters film been made just means new director will have to be found.

Whilst Captain America: The Winter Soldier was the brothers first time into the Action film genre it was an ambitious near perfect debut. We mustn’t forget The Russo Brothers made their name in Comedy drama especially TV comedy in the shape of Arrested Development and with The Winter Soldier bagging over $700 million at the box office worldwide that’s an incredible feat any established director would be proud off.

Avengers: Infinity Wars Part One set for a UK release of 27,April 2018 (May 4 USA), with Part 2 arriving on 26 April 2019 (May 3USA). It’s expected both films will be created back to back in 2016.

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