The Avengers: Age of Ultron – Whetting the Appetite of Adventure Fans throughout the World

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In May this year, the Marvel Comics superhero team will release yet another blockbuster Hollywood films featuring some of its most iconic characters. The Avengers: Age of Ultron is the much anticipated sequel to the 2012 hit Marvels the Avengers, and it will be the 11th instalment of the imaginative and captivating Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This sequel has been in production for nearly three years, and the Marvel team have been whetting the appetite of fans recently with a series of high resolution trailers and promotional posters.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron – Do the Posters reveal any Hidden Plot Lines?

So, is there anything that be drawn from the recent posters and trailers? After all, it is commonplace for marketers to create promotional detail and features obscure or subliminal plot messages, and this is certainly likely to intrigue Marvels avid army of fans. The character poster featuring lead actor Robert Downey Jr. (who stars as Iron Man in the film) is though to be particularly revealing, thanks primarily to the inclusion of a specific location that can be seen in the background. This was also featured in the trailer, and it is thought to have links to Baron von Strucker, who also appeared in Captain America and The Winter Soldier.

Downey also released the poster to his fan base through Twitter and Facebook, revealing that a huge announcement was scheduled for some point in the next eight days. Although the majority of fans and those in the know believe that this will be linked directly to the Avengers sequel, there are some rumours suggesting that the announcement may have something to do with the unveiling of a new Iron Man sequel. Either way, Marvel fans can look forward to an exciting few days as they prepare for the films’ May release.

The Last Word

Marvel’s 11th cinematic instalment is sure to capture the attention of fans, and it may even be biggest release yet. It represents just the tip of the iceberg for the studio’s numerous film and popular culture franchises, however, as each individual character has developed an army of followers and drives revenues independently. Take the Avenger’s lead character Iron Man, for example, who sells millions of dollars of merchandise on an annual basis and even stars in his very own, games, including Playstation 3 games, and the popular Iron Man 2 online slots.