Kingpins Rises In New Gritty Daredevil Netflix Trailer


Wilson Fisk has a dream of life outside his Hell’s Kitchen but like us all our home town is in our blood, Like Fisk we’ll rise make life a better place, watch new Gritty trailer for Daredevil Netflix series.

Fisk’s ( agenda may not be all what it seems when it comes to making life better, we know our blind lawyer come vigilante at night Matt Murdock will show he is no moral saviour.

This new trailer reveals Hell City (aka New York City) is an harrowing unrelenting place to live things look bleak for Daredevil attempting to save the city from crime. There does look like some of the characters especially Wilson Fisk (aka Kingpin) played by Vincent D’onfrio may get a similar style portrayal as villians get in Gotham. However Fisk may deliver some comedy value to a series which has a dark tone, so is Marvel aiming for Nolan-esque style show? Whatever you think Daredevil might deliver the vision Frank Miller saw for his character when he was re-invented back in 1980’s.

Daredevil will consist of 13 episodes that will be available at 12.01am at Netflix globally 10th April. Charlie Cox will stars as Matt Murdock with the rest of the cast made up with  Rosario Dawson, Deborah Ann Wall, Scott Glenn, Vondie Curtis Hall, Ayelet Zuyler, Eldon Henson, Bob Gunton and Toby Leonard Moore.