R.I.P – EE Wednesdays Final Day…Goodbye Mr Dresden

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Orange-Wednesdays_TicketsIt’s hard to believe there was a time when you went to the cinema and actually look forward to Orange Wednesdays cinema advert. But as time went on Orange Wednesdays became EE Wednesdays as orange rebranded  and so did the adverts picking out certain films  like Rio, Potiche. Like the campaign unfortunately they became  as irritating as script from a Adam Sandler, Kevin Hart film, not funny. We knew the end was near when Kevin Bacon arrived and the cinematic 2 for 1 offer became less apparent the adverts focused more on the products than the offer.

Let’s be honest year by year the price of a cinema ticket has been rising quicker than the rate of inflation so anything like 2 for 1 offer were great incentives. I personally never really used the offer as I had the Cineworld Card (and still do) but it was the adverts that really made the offer so enticing.

Nicknamed Orange Gold spots playful at times funny adverts which consisted of the Orange Film Board  which had several Hollywood stars forced into uncomfortable positions for the name of their craft. The likes of Patrick Swayze , Sean Astin, Roy Scheider , Anjelica Houston even Darth Vader attempted to convince Mr Dresden (Brennan Brown) and his side kick played by Steve Furst.

In memory of those ads and of course the EE 2for 1 Wednesdays offer here is some of the best moments some of Hollywood’s finest have attempted to convince the board their film pitch is the one.

Sean Astin

He helped Frodo destroy the one ring to rule them all So now Sean Astin wants to bring modern day romance to the big apple…”How on Middle-earth do you follow Lord of the Rings?” Milk it for everything you can and ironically Warner Bros did with the Hobbit films

Patrick Swayze

This one highlights the dumbness of the board when the late Patrick Swayze’s Silent Hunter becomes the Chatty Hunter with a few Dirty Dancing moves thrown in for good measure

Darth Vader

And they thought he was dead! Not even those Jedi mind control techniques could force the board to accept Darth’s proposal, let the chaos commence.

Roy Scheider

Not even the classy black& white noir of Roy Scheider’s Colombia Connection could move this board, now we do dig the Jaws quip at the end.

Macaulay Culkin

Not even Home Alone Child star Macaulay Culkin can escape the board, The two men convince Macaulay that his serious prison drama needs an input of some ‘Home Alone’ style slapstick.

Vicky And Wicked

This was one of the post Orange Film Board adverts which features Wicked witch from Wizard of Oz, one of the best ever created

Farewell Mr Dresden….