Kids Save The World In Robot Overlords UK Trailer


What do you get when you cross Transformers with a coming with age story? Probably Robot Overlords and in dawn of a new age of robots it maybe the kids who must save us all, watch UK trailer.

Signature Entertainment have whisked us over the first trailer for Jon Wright‘s (Grabbers) family sci-fi adventure which will having us bow at our robot masters.

You might say where did this one come from when you see the cast has two very familiar actors with Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson. Robot Overlords is a home grown homage to the action adventure films of the ’80s, packed with incredible special effects and rebellious excitement for all ages. Fight back in March!

In Robot Overlords the adults have lost the war and now the kids must save the world! Robots rule the streets and the people are locked in their homes. Stepping outside risks being vaporised by a hulking Sentry or picked off by a lethal Sniper.

Through the ruins of Britain a group of kids, led by Callan McAuliffe (The Great Gatsby), set out to join the Resistance. Hot on their heels however is their old teacher turned robot collaborator Mr Smythe( Kingsley) and his captive Kate(Anderson).

OK before you go off in one for an virtually unknown film the special effects are actually not that bad when you can guess compared to one of the big Hollywood blockbusters this was made for  peanuts. This is for the kids and you can say that’s probably the main reasons Kingsley, Anderson are in this one too, the kids love it that’s what matter.

The Robot Overlords will arrive in UK Cinemas 27th March film co-stars  Callan McAuliffe, Milo Parker, Geraldine James, Ella Hunt, Steven Mackintosh and Tamar Hassan.