GFF2015 – Romance Is A Monster In Spring Trailer

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Romance can be wonderful beautiful human trait but romance can also be a monster which literally the case for Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead‘s Spring, check out the film’s official trailer.

“Our nights together must remain a secret”, it maybe the old boy meets girl, but partnerships are not perfect, we’ll have traits our other half will hate and in Spring it seems those raise their ugly heads.

Lou Taylor Pucci (Evil Dead remake) plays Evan, a man who looses his mother and due to an altercation has to leave his home town. He heads to Europe, to Italy  arriving in a small town where he meets a mysterious woman called Louise (Nadia Hilker) attracts his attention and several attempts the pair’s love finally blossoms. As their love grows Evan suddenly  learns about Louise dark secret which puts his life at risk.

We’re really excited to see this one even more excited that it will make it’s UK premiere at Glasgow Film Festival (Saturday 21st & Monday 23rd). Certainly looks like it has a arthouse feel to it  like as if Richard Linklater created a HP Lovecraft horror, very spectral tone it looks a slow burner and thanks to the positive buzz from previous festival screenings we’re keen to see this one.

Spring has an UK distribution thanks to Metrodome with a limited cinematic release on 17th April (20th March USA).