DVD Review – Fairy Tail Part 9


Fairy Tail Part 9 [rating=4]

Episodes 97 – 108

We continue to follow Natsu, Lucy, Grey, and the rest of the Fairy Tail guild. There is an activity afoot; determining the next S-Class wizard. Makarath has design the test and is testing wizards picked out by himself. Each one may choose someone to aid their side. The tasks take place on an island full of strong opponents and tests the wizards’ strength and intelligence. During the arduous tests, they are set upon by the top Dark Guild, Grimoire Heart.

They want to capture a wizard that has been residing on the island, one who can kill without touching. While they are there however, seeing the Fairy Tail guild they set to destroy the Fairy Tail guild once and for all. Each member has their work cut out for them defending against the attack, and they all soon come to realise that these opponents may actually be stronger than them.

Can they defend against this new threat?

Well after watching it on my seat I can firmly tell you, that we don’t find out. -sigh- But it leaves me waiting on bated breath for Part 10 that’s for sure. All in all the animation was top notch as we have all come to expect with Fairy Tail. We get the crisp and colourful characters, that seems high definition even when you are watching in SD. There is small bits of fan service dotted around, but hardly noticeable.

The plot was clearly defined, unfinished for this part, but even so, it was clearly outlined with flashbacks to previous storylines to jog our memories of what and who each character is and what brought them to be who they are today. It starts us out gentle with a friendly tournament, drawing us in then it sucker punches us with a true enemy.

The characters stayed as they were, as we knew them all. Stubborn and hard headed as always. Lucy not being much of a fighter ever still lives up to that reputation. Not to say she doesn’t bring anything to the anime, but she doesn’t bring much to a fight.

The fight scenes were brilliant as always, it never felt like we were trying to keep up with every punch and kick, so we weren’t being left out of the action at all.

The extras did leave much to be desired; couple of commentaries, trailers for Fairy Tail Part 9, and the closing and opening themes textless. I’m going to give this rating of 4 Stars for the combination of good animation, good plotline, good characters, and good fight scenes.

All in all, a good anime, and I can’t wait for Part 10

Part 9 is Due to be released on the 23/2/2015

Fairy Tail Part 9