Blake lively is eternal in The Age of Adaline trailer

age of adaline - blake lively

The Age of Adaline director, Lee Toland Krieger, is following up his smart indie rom-com Celeste and Jesse Forever with a starry romantic tale of immortality.

The film focuses on Adaline (Blake Lively), a 29 year-old woman who has a car accident in the 1930s, and by some strange twist of fate, discovers that she cannot age. Living at the same age for eight decades, Adaline lives a solitary existence, not allowing herself to grow close to anyone. That is until she meets charming philanthropist Ellis (Michiel Huisman). On a quiet weekend away with his parents, an encounter with his father (Harrison Ford) threatens to expose her secret.

Judging from the trailer, Toland Krieger has created an elegant, epic romantic tale. Lively looks to be well cast as the eternal Adaline, but seems to lack a bit of depth. With a few decent roles behind her, most notably in Ben Affleck‘s The Town, hopefully she can deliver again. Harrison Ford on the other hand looks to be very engaged with his character, the most he has been in years. Could this be a return to the Ford of old?

Either way, the film certainly looks interesting, and with a cast that also includes Kathy Baker and Ellen Burstyn, this could be one to watch.

The film is released in UK and Ireland cinemas on 8th May 2015.