Berlin 2015 – Jena Malone is Haunted In Angelica Trailer

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From Suckerpunch to Hunger Games Jena Malone is now being ‘Haunted’ in the Victoria era chiller Angelica and ahead of its European Film Market debut at Berlin Film Festival we get a look at the trailer.

Angelica is set in 1880 in the heart of Victorian London we meet Constance (Malone) a shop keeper who falls in love with doctor and vivisectionist Dr Joseph Barton (Ed Stoppard). Constance lost her parents at an early age she becomes a mother herself after her marriage, it was a difficult birth however a celibacy was ordered creating a rift opening the door for an spirit to enter her life.

2015 horror looks like will elope a Gothic psychosexual horror sub genre with Del Toro’s Crimson Peak, Eliza Graves to name a few. Angelica has been compared to The Haunting of Hill House and Turning of The Screw will please fans of good old fashioned horror.It’s also a mark of respect for author Arthur Phillips as the book was only released in 2008. Plenty of old fashion scares on hand and this could help Jena Malone be propelled into bigger projects in the future in lead roles.

Angelica is set for a debut at Berlin Film Festival Panorama strand, hopefully after the festival it will pick up an UK distributor. Film also stars Janet McTeer, Eliza Holland Madore and Glynnis O’Connor.